Review: A Killer Bridal Party by London Lovett


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Title: A Killer Bridal Party

Author: London Lovett

Series: Firefly Junction, #2

Pages: 200

Genre: Mystery, Cozy Mystery

My Rating: ★★★★

The second book in the Firefly Junction series follows a bride and her bridesmaids as they work along side Lana to plan a “glamping,” event before the bridal shower takes place. It is a perfect opportunity for the bridal party to grow closer and have some fun before the big day. However, there is some tension between the maid of honor and one of the bridesmaids. Sunni our Junction Times reporter and amateur sleuth notices the tension right away when she walks into her sister Lana’s house. Little did they know, there would be a murder investigation the morning after the “glamping,” event where the bridal party found the maid of honor dead. Did she fall to her death? Did the bridesmaid kill her? Or was this an act of a known murderer?

London Lovett is such a great writer and this second book of the Firefly Junction did not disappoint! I actually can say that I enjoyed this book more so than the first. I loved that we were able to get a better idea of the relationships between Sunni and her sisters as well as with her best friend. However, I hope we will get to know more of Detective Jackson who has played a vital role in the first two novels.


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