What a Year

Hi friends!

Wow has it been some time since I last wrote a blog post. It has definitely been a crazy year (obviously) and I have found it hard to find inspiration to write. However, I have been taking the time to truly look at this year and find the blessings within all of the chaos 2020 has brought us. Through this year, I have remained healthy as well as those I love, I got engaged, my fiancé and I bought a new vehicle (finally) I started grad school, I read many books, and I began my weight loss journey. There are so so so so many blessings and I guess I have to say—Thank you 2020 for allowing us to truly see the blessings we have in our lives. Let this year be the stepping stone we need to continue to find the good even in the mundane.

Now looking to the future, my hopes is to begin sharing my book reviews with you again soon. It is something that brought me joy in the past and I am truly missing it! So let’s knock the rest of this year out of the park!



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